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Secrets to Flammer Golf Training Aid – Develop a Correct Golf Swing With This!

You need a wide, consistent swing if you truly want to lower your scores. A Flammer Golf Training Aid will assist you in keeping your one arm straight and the other arm bent at just the right angle. The Flammer Golf ...Read More Read more

10 Simple Golf Swing Tips To Lengthen Your Drive

Need simple golf swing tips to improve your distance, and overall game? Here are 10 simple golf swing tips to lengthen your drive- 1) Visit the gym to improve your strength and stamina. Consult with a personal trainer to tailor a program that mixes ...Read More Read more

How Does the Biomechanics of Golf Equipment Change Your Golf Swing Mechanics?

As the ultimate technology in golf balls and equipment continues to improve at an astonishing rate faster than any electronic product on the market today. Buyers have become even more confused and frustrated on what is the best golf product that ...Read More Read more

Golf Swing Tips: Avoid Straightening Your Left Leg Until After Your Club Face Contacts Your Ball

One of the best golf swing tips is to keep your left knee flexed until after your clubface has contacted your ball at impact. The reason why this is one of the best golf swing tips to improve your golf game is ...Read More Read more

Golf Swing Tips – If You Want to See a Bad Shot Look Up For Duffers

Ever hear a fellow golfer say, “I looked up.”, “My head moved up.” or “I didn’t stay down on that shot?” I hear it quite often, too often in fact. Sometimes I am the one saying it. It always follows a ...Read More Read more

Last Minute Golf Tips to Hit the Ball in Right Direction

In today’s hectic world, it is getting harder and harder to find the time to hone your golf game whether on the driving range or on the course. It’s difficult enough to find 2 to 5 continuous hours to work in ...Read More Read more

Power Golf – Add 30 Yards to Your Drives by Maximizing Your Leverage

Archimedes once said “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I can move the world.” Power Comes From Leverage You don’t need to be muscle-bound to hit longer drives. But you do need to take advantage of all the power ...Read More Read more

How to Get Rid of Tension in Your Golf Swing

I think we have all been there. You are staring down a long par 4 from the tee box. The fairway is lined with trees on both sides. The landing area is “tight” and hitting 3 wood or iron is not ...Read More Read more

Discover Here the Magic of Correct Ball Position in Your Golf Swing, THIS is AMAZING!

It sounds like a small thing.. ball position. It may be an easy thing to do correctly. But I must tell you that almost all and I mean all, weekend players pay little to no attention at all to ball position. If ...Read More Read more

A Good Swing Starts with a Strong Base of Support

A good golf swing starts with a strong base of support (hips, pelvis and lumbar spine). A highly conditioned base of support will provide stability throughout the swing and allow forces to be effectively transferred from the legs through the hips ...Read More Read more

Baseball Coaching Digest – Can a Baseball Player Ruin His Baseball Swing by Playing Golf?

One question that I am frequently asked is whether a baseball swing can be ruined by playing golf. I have rather strong feeling concerning this topic. It is my opinion that playing golf can ruin a baseball swing in certain circumstances. There ...Read More Read more

In Your Golf Swing, What Starts the Downswing – Is it Your Hands Or Your Feet?

From the very beginning of golf instruction the first move down to the ball has created confusion. And since video has been in the mix it has created even more confusion. The accepted golf instruction ” first move down” was and to ...Read More Read more

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